Where does thinking happen?

We spend much of our time getting lost in thought. We spend much of our time noticing that we’re lost in thought, and then berating ourselves for getting lost in thought. We even spend much of our time in the futile effort of stopping our thoughts, yet the thoughts continue on and we continue to get lost in them.

In the effort to find peace and stillnesswe often operate on the misguided basis that we must stop or control our thoughts. Yet, the more we try to stop the thoughts that are causing us distress, the more thoughts we have. The very act of thinking on stopping thoughts just creates more thinking until we are too exhausted to try and stop thinking. It even sounds exhausting…when you think about it.Monkey Mind

The next time you find yourself caught in thought, give yourself some acknowledgement for noticing that you’re caught in thought instead of berating yourself. Then, invite the question “Where is thought happening?”

When you do this, do you notice the subtle stillness that the thoughts are held in? Do you sense, if only a little bit, the vast awareness where the thoughts are arising and dissolving? Where the thinking is happening?

The peace from thinking we strive for is the still awareness that thoughts are held in. It is not something found in “somewhere” or “somewhen” that we have to reach. The peace and stillness is with us all the time, compassionately holding all the thoughts we can possibly have, in all of our experience. It is in noticing this still awareness that we can see beyond the chaotic jumble of thoughts and emotions, and experience the subtle, peaceful quiet that everything is held in.

The peace from thoughts is found in the awareness which holds them.

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