Experiencing Stillness

still-watersThink back in your life to a moment where you were watching an animal that was unaware of your presence, or when you were watching a baby sleep, a child at play—anytime in your life when you were just watching with no urge to change or interact with the scene in front of you.  Think about how this felt, can you remember how quiet your mind was? Can you remember how quiet everything was? Can you remember how it seemed that nothing else existed except what was in front of you? Can you remember how still everything was? Continue reading Experiencing Stillness

Perceiving the Perception to Peace

Wise Man Gazing at the Moon

“When a wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger.” –Confuscious

The Full Moon, if we choose to believe the mysticism and pseudoscience surrounding our celestial neighbor, the full moon is the culprit behind increases in crime, accidents, werewolves, and generally all sorts of, well…lunacy.  And this isn’t a new idea at all. Even the word “lunacy” has its origins in Greek history which also happens to be where the mythconception of the moon affecting the water in our brains comes from. Mythbusting however, I will leave to my valued reader. What interests me is the “why” behind our fascination with the full moon. There is a term for it; Illusory Correlation. I always thought of it as our perception, but “illusory” works very well with the idea of perception.

A full moon and a new moon both have the same gravitational effects, and the same range of distances from the Earth. The only difference between a new moon and a full moon is the amount of sunlight reflecting off of the moon and subsequently, our ability to see the moon. Quite simply put, the moon is always the same, it is only our perception of it that changes. And perception is a powerful thing. Continue reading Perceiving the Perception to Peace