Wishing You Presence This Holiday Season


Thankgiving: Check! Black Friday: Check! Cyber Monday: Loading…! Holidays: Have arrived.

With the holiday season upon us, I always am reminded of one of my favorite puns, “I don’t require presents, only your presence.” I have “stuff” and if I don’t have “stuff,” I’ll go out and get “stuff.” What is truly a gift for me is presence. Whether it’s the presence of friends and family, or it’s being present to my experience as it is…these are true gifts for me.

The holidays are not about the latest game console or sleek car. They are not about tradition, religion, or lack thereof. They are not about your perspective and views, or your personal goals. The Holidays are about people, the people in your life, those you think and care about, those you love and wish to spend the holidays with. This sentiment isn’t limited to the holidays, but it is at this time of the year, more so than any other, that people all over the world are focusing on this intention, this desire to spend time with the ones they love.

Once a week on Friday mornings, I teach yoga, and teaching yoga for me is more about presence than anything else. Being present to our in-the-moment experience and bringing presence to all of our thoughts and feelings, without judgment.

Every Friday morning, I get up, feed the animals, sit down with a cup of coffee, and take notice. I take notice of my thoughts and feelings sensing what my intentions are. Looking at all the ways I can bring the theme of presence into the yoga class and feeling which one is speaking to me right now. This is not something I can force nor something I can rehearse and practice. It is something that flows from inside.

Throughout this holiday season, my focus on presence will continue to weave in and out my yoga flows, and also throughout this season, I will be thinking of you and your presence.

Happy Holidays and may you continually come back to the presence of love in all that you do throughout the season.


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