Does It Feel Like You’re Carrying The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders?

What if I told you it was the weight of the Person.

To Awaken is to put down the burden of the person. We all carry it in so many forms, with so many degrees of awareness. For some of us, the person manifests in some sort of trauma that we identify with. In others, a need to be busy all the time in an effort to avoid an underlying sense of dis-ease. In still others, it is running towards that next thing that will make us happy when really, we are running away from our dissatisfaction.

What if I told you life doesn’t  require all that effort, only the Person does.

The person is filled with burdens. The burden of being something or someone, of having to try to control and direct our lives. The effort of wanting “this” and not wanting “that.” The effort of either avoiding a part of ourselves or the effort of trying to live as a better self. In any of these conditions, there is effort, work, struggle.

Whether we’re dealing with a traumatized ego or using every “tool” at our disposal clinging to a “happy” ego, we are still putting forth a tremendous amount of effort into a person that isn’t real. We are identifying with the person, and we end up believing that only through all of this incessant “doing” can we find the peace and lasting happiness we are longing for.

The problem is, that this person requiring so much work, is not who you are. The person is what you experience.

What if I told you being who you really are is effortless.

When you awaken to what you really are, one of the greatest graces is the freedom. Not freedom in the sense that you can now live on sunlight and don’t have to go to work on Monday. Not the freedom from problems or challenges in life. But the freedom that these things no longer define you. The freedom in knowing that your peace is not subject to the content of your experiences. The freedom of realizing you don’t have to “make” life happen, life unfolds effortlessly. The freedom in knowing that the person is not who you are.

The freedom born from Awakening to our true nature is a freedom from the suffering and struggle of the person. And when you stop struggling with the person, life truly is effortless.

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