Why is Religion so Divisive?

I was reading a news article recently that was taking a stab at the divisiveness inherent in religion. Was it a psychological phenomena where religion masked self-interest with moral superiority, or did God really create some in “his image” and not others? The research behind this question concerned “moral fluidity.” Are morals dependent on, and defined by our personal situation? Do they change as our own self-interest changes? In short, yes.

While the foundation of our morals, whatever they are, may not fundamentally change, our interpretation and justification for those morals change based on our “stake” and role in any given situation. In fact, according to the study, our moral values can shift in as little as five minutes.

This moral fluidity is inextricably linked to religious divisiveness. The foundational belief system/religion may stay the same, but each person filters it through their own experience, and the experience of the person is where the divisiveness begins. Not just in religion, but in ourselves as well.

This divisiveness and moral fluidity both stem from this ever-changing, limited person we believe ourselves to be. All people of all faiths and people with no faith at all are identifying with their religion, their lack of religion, or their psychology. These ever changing beliefs are a reflection of the ever changing nature of the illusory person.  Questioning these beliefs, questioning the limited nature of the person is the path to realizing our limitless self.

Most will never entertain the possibility that they are not the limited beliefs they hold and that instead, they are limitless and vast and One with everything and everyone around them.

Religion has often been misinterpreted for millennia as a pursuit of the individual person masked as morale superiority. The interpretations are often from the limited viewpoint of the person and for those with their own agenda, belief becomes a shield from the light of truth, the light of God and the Universe.  A shield from Awakening.

God didn’t just create white, straight, males. He created pan-sexual, purple, people eaters. The Universe manifests life and death, good and evil, suffering and happiness. God isn’t just omnipotent, and omnipresent in the Bible Belt or an ashram in India. The very statement defeats the definitions of the words. The Universe isn’t just our solar system, it is all solar systems in all galaxies, even the ones we haven’t discovered yet.

Most importantly and the reason all of this divisiveness is so far astray, we are also all God. God, the Universe, or the All—whatever you choose to call it—is everything and everyone. This is not just an intellectual exercise, it is tangible and knowable in your own experience. Everything  you are aware of, every thing, every experience, every concept, every belief and every person is all part of it. Everything everywhere, every thing that has been and every thing that shall be is God.

Your belief system comes and goes, history shows and psychology now explains that our morals come and go, but what is left to discover is the person who has these beliefs and morals also comes and goes. That’s why it’s so divisive, not just in society and the world at large, but also in our own person. But for those truly interested in unity, for  those ready for self-realization, letting go of these beliefs and letting go of the illusory person is the beginning of experiencing the true nature of things. It is the beginning of a journey full of acceptance of all faiths, all beliefs, and all that is.

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