Through Stillness and Grace we will Awaken

Trance-like states are not Awakening.

Imagining that you are sending your Qi across the country to your friends is not Awakening.

Blind belief in religious dogma is not Awakening.

Raising your Shakti to your Crown Chakra is not Awakening.

Mysticism, snake oils, and cleansings will not Awaken you.

No level of martial prowess or contortionism will Awaken you.

You will not find Awakening by trying to be happy.

You will not find Awakening  in past lives.

Psychology cannot explain Awakening.

Your guru cannot explain  Awakening.

You cannot “figure out” Awakening.

You cannot “achieve” Awakening.

I wish I could tell you that if you just think about it enough you’ll figure it out, but who is doing all this thinking?

I wish I could tell you to simply let go of your beliefs in mysticism, of people, of what you think you know, but who is letting go?

I wish I could tell you to stop being attached to your experience and just be instead, but attachment is part of the experience.

I would like to say that I Awakened through all my efforts. But who is the “I” who is efforting?

Who is it trying to Awaken?

I did not Awaken through any effort of mine, but through the awareness of my experience. I didn’t just “figure it out” one day, I simply became aware of it. And it was simple.

It was the experience that was profound.

It is in stillness that we can explore our experience. All of our experiences. The mysticism, the “miracle” cures, the blind faith, the beliefs about the world, the beliefs about others, the beliefs about ourselves. And in our exploration of our experience, in the questioning of all our beliefs, we begin the exploration of what is real. We begin letting go our attachments to what we think and what we feel, creating space for what we are. And it is in this still space that there is room for Grace to enter our being.

The Grace of realizing our true nature.


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