The Dynamic of Thought

I’ve always noticed certain dynamics, certain patterns in our thoughts and behaviors, and in that noticing, they never really bothered me. It’s as if in knowing that the behavior is perfectly normal, in knowing that “everybody” does it, any self-criticism, shame, or resistance to the behavior holds no power. There’s a space between the behavior and the one who perceives the behavior and in that small gap, lies peace. Continue reading The Dynamic of Thought

Does It Feel Like You’re Carrying The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders?

What if I told you it was the weight of the Person.

To Awaken is to put down the burden of the person. We all carry it in so many forms, with so many degrees of awareness. For some of us, the person manifests in some sort of trauma that we identify with. In others, a need to be busy all the time in an effort to avoid an underlying sense of dis-ease. In still others, it is running towards that next thing that will make us happy when really, we are running away from our dissatisfaction.

What if I told you life doesn’t  require all that effort, only the Person does.

The person is filled with burdens. The burden of being something or someone, of having to try to control and direct our lives. The effort of wanting “this” and not wanting “that.” The effort of either avoiding a part of ourselves or the effort of trying to live as a better self. In any of these conditions, there is effort, work, struggle.

Whether we’re dealing with a traumatized ego or using every “tool” at our disposal clinging to a “happy” ego, we are still putting forth a tremendous amount of effort into a person that isn’t real. We are identifying with the person, and we end up believing that only through all of this incessant “doing” can we find the peace and lasting happiness we are longing for.

The problem is, that this person requiring so much work, is not who you are. The person is what you experience.

What if I told you being who you really are is effortless.

When you awaken to what you really are, one of the greatest graces is the freedom. Not freedom in the sense that you can now live on sunlight and don’t have to go to work on Monday. Not the freedom from problems or challenges in life. But the freedom that these things no longer define you. The freedom in knowing that your peace is not subject to the content of your experiences. The freedom of realizing you don’t have to “make” life happen, life unfolds effortlessly. The freedom in knowing that the person is not who you are.

The freedom born from Awakening to our true nature is a freedom from the suffering and struggle of the person. And when you stop struggling with the person, life truly is effortless.

Wishing You Presence This Holiday Season


Thankgiving: Check! Black Friday: Check! Cyber Monday: Loading…! Holidays: Have arrived.

With the holiday season upon us, I always am reminded of one of my favorite puns, “I don’t require presents, only your presence.” I have “stuff” and if I don’t have “stuff,” I’ll go out and get “stuff.” What is truly a gift for me is presence. Whether it’s the presence of friends and family, or it’s being present to my experience as it is…these are true gifts for me.
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Experiencing Stillness

still-watersThink back in your life to a moment where you were watching an animal that was unaware of your presence, or when you were watching a baby sleep, a child at play—anytime in your life when you were just watching with no urge to change or interact with the scene in front of you.  Think about how this felt, can you remember how quiet your mind was? Can you remember how quiet everything was? Can you remember how it seemed that nothing else existed except what was in front of you? Can you remember how still everything was? Continue reading Experiencing Stillness

Perceiving the Perception to Peace

Wise Man Gazing at the Moon

“When a wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger.” –Confuscious

The Full Moon, if we choose to believe the mysticism and pseudoscience surrounding our celestial neighbor, the full moon is the culprit behind increases in crime, accidents, werewolves, and generally all sorts of, well…lunacy.  And this isn’t a new idea at all. Even the word “lunacy” has its origins in Greek history which also happens to be where the mythconception of the moon affecting the water in our brains comes from. Mythbusting however, I will leave to my valued reader. What interests me is the “why” behind our fascination with the full moon. There is a term for it; Illusory Correlation. I always thought of it as our perception, but “illusory” works very well with the idea of perception.

A full moon and a new moon both have the same gravitational effects, and the same range of distances from the Earth. The only difference between a new moon and a full moon is the amount of sunlight reflecting off of the moon and subsequently, our ability to see the moon. Quite simply put, the moon is always the same, it is only our perception of it that changes. And perception is a powerful thing. Continue reading Perceiving the Perception to Peace

Where does thinking happen?

We spend much of our time getting lost in thought. We spend much of our time noticing that we’re lost in thought, and then berating ourselves for getting lost in thought. We even spend much of our time in the futile effort of stopping our thoughts, yet the thoughts continue on and we continue to get lost in them.

In the effort to find peace and stillness Continue reading Where does thinking happen?

Flowing With the Waves

ocean-wavesIt seems that in everything we do, we are trying to change or alter what is. We try to “fix,” manage, or get away from uncomfortable feelings and situations. We look to the future of when we have “x” we’ll be happy or, if I can just get through “y” everything will be okay. Even meditation is often misconstrued as an exercise in stopping or controlling thoughts. Some sort of “doing” with a “goal,” where we are trying to be, instead of just being.

As if you could stop “being.” As if you could stop or even influence the ocean by standing in front of a wave.
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Zombies Eat Society

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris.

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