I thought that when I Awakened…

I thought that when I Awakened…

…I would cry. Instead I laughed and laughed.

I saw the cosmic joke that the gurus talk about. Not a mean joke, just a funny one. The realization of why we are so lost and confused. The realization that the reason we all think we are these separate, limited, and fearful people is because we believe we are. We all believe that we are the limited person, but we are not the “person” at all.

And therein lies the laughter.

All of our lives, we have been taught and conditioned into believing that we are the body, or our thoughts and feelings. We believe we are a name or what we do. We identify at worst, with what we own and our achievements and at best, the quality of our thoughts and feelings. The measuring stick in which we judge our lives has always been as illusory as the person is. It is constantly changing, arising and disappearing. Here in one moment, gone in the next like some magicians trick.

We live and act through the filter of the person. That is who we believe we are. Until grace strikes.

It is not through following a set method, system, or path that we awaken. It is through grace. I did not find some “Awakening for Dummies” method, I did not read 100 books on spiritual growth nor did I spend 100 days in a proverbial cave in a mountain to awaken. I awakened in meditation on a Saturday like any other Saturday, and it was not through some effort of mine, it was the effortlessness of grace.

Grace awakened me to the realization that there is no “me.” Not the “me” I always thought I was. Not the “me” we all think we are. In fact, grace allowed me to see that not only is there no “me”, there is no “we” either.

There is only One.

I am not what I would call “Enlightened” or “fully Awakened,” but I have cracked open the belief in the person and glimpsed the truth in what we really are. Now my journey is not one of becoming a better “person,” or becoming an “awakened person,” but rather a journey of living from the awakened realization that there is no person.

And now the laughter starts.

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